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Empty Walls

Working a full time job leaves little time and energy to create so in order to provide the 4 pieces required for "Reflections on Resilience" exhibition launching on Saturday 9 October, I've had to strip my walls of my art!

Now I remember what the gallery-like space was like when I chose this house and it is spurring me on to create more work. Minimalism is the antithesis of what I create and one day I fully intend to wallpaper or paint murals on every wall, but for now my white walls help me to visualise what my work would look like in a gallery.

This exhibition is my first, and I will be giving an "artist's talk" which is pretty intimidating given the company I'm in! The upside of selling the art off my own walls is that if they don't sell, I get to take them home again and colour my space. If they do, well that's gotta be motivation to create more right?

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