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Tilly and Ellen go travelling

While for the rest of us travelling overseas during a pandemic is a bit of a futuristic dream, a canvas print of Tilly and Ellen makes it’s way safely to the Netherlands.

Tilly and Ellen seems to be particularly popular - the original going to a mother separated from her daughter who lives in the UK. She also got a print of the painting so both of them can enjoy it despite the tyranny of distance!

Tilly and Ellen were also showcased to a Dutch classroom who had some lovely discussions about the subjects and who got a bit of a background glimpse into the making of this painting (including the mistakes that end up shaping a painting and making it unique!)

Tilly and Ellen is named after my great-grandmother Mathilde (Tilly) and my grandmother (Ellen). Neither of them are with us anymore but I’m glad to have been able to name a loving, maternal piece in honour of such special, inspiring, much loved women.

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